Birds – Part I

From the street, our beautiful child-care centre looks… well… like a big concrete box. Time for some weather-resistant decorations!

Inspired by the Charleson Park Children’s Centre logo (created by Lifemo Designs), we used donated corrugated plastic scraps to make simple bird shapes.

Children looked at photographs of birds and touched real feathers before dipping into the non-toxic acrylic paint.

We asked questions: Why do birds have feathers? Do people have feathers? Where would your bird fly? What would it eat? What type of mouth does a bird have? What do birds use their feet for?

We noticed: Watch what happens when those colours mix together! Some birds have different coloured feathers in different places! Look how those bright (or dark) colours stand out – it’s easy to see them from far away!


And finally, if you take a tour of the centre, you may notice a few CPCC birds hiding out on the walls. These were cut from a reused Skytrain wall ad.


More on these projects coming soon! We will be adding feet to the birds, mounting them outside, and possibly starting some bird-related indoor wall hangings or murals.


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