Documentation and Bottle Caps

The more that is happening, the less time there is to blog about it!

Map-making, structural sculptures, mixed-media wall-hanging, and much, much painting is continuing. Posts about these coming soon.

For now, here is a picture of our bottle-cap collection jar at Apple Hill Farms Grocery Store on 6th Avenue. It is right above the plastic bottle recycling bins – if you live in the neighbourhood, why not add to our collection?

Plus here’s an article from our Nestlings Newsletter (available at about documentation.

“I remember doing that!”
A group of children huddle around a photograph, excitement lighting their faces.
This is a valuable moment in many ways — not only to build happy memories, but also to boost the learning process.
At Charleson Park Children’s Centre we do our best to display a variety of documentation – photographs and words – on a regular basis, and in a way that is visible to both children and families.
Children respond to photographs of themselves with interest and pride. Documentation helps build strong self-esteem of the group, the individuals, and of each child’s work. It sends the message that we are all valued.
A child’s work is to play — this is how children learn about themselves, the world, and each other. Within playtimes (including art-making, dress-up, outdoor exploration, etc.) there are literally hundreds of moments of learning every day. Teachers encourage questions and thoughtfulness at every step of the way. But without documentation, it’s easy to lose track of all these moments. A simple photograph germinates many possibilities for further learning. Teachers are often amazed by the ideas that come from discussing shared memories with children. New directions are inspired by asking “This is what we learned so far — What next?”
And finally, at the end of the year documentation gives us an invaluable record of the growth of each child. It is one of the best joys of teaching to see the enormous progress that each child makes in a single year.
We encourage parents to come look at our documentation and to ask your child about the events and projects depicted. We hope that all families can feel connected and up-to-date with the learning process.


2 responses to “Documentation and Bottle Caps

  1. I really love the way that the teachers and children have collaborated with the process of recycled materials.!!!
    The way in which the documentation has been displayed is so engaging.

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