Sculptures: Salt dough and recycled materials

Before we introduce real artists clay, we have brought salt dough into the classrooms. Unlike playdough, this material is great for sculptures to be hardened in a low-heat oven and then painted.

Another advantage is that since a kiln is not needed, bits and pieces can be embedded into the dough.

The photos above show some of the experimentation processes. These materials are rich with techniques waiting to be invented by the children and shared with each other. Children discovered:

-Poking, rolling, squishing, pinching

-Imprinting objects

-Embedding objects

-Attaching the objects with smaller pieces of dough like glue

-Allowing the dough to squish all the way around the objects

-Creating representations of real-life creatures and things using the materials to represent the different parts

Next, these sculptures will be painted.

Learning along the way: Structural physics (make things stand up or balance), creative uses of materials, representation of form, idea sharing, communication


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