Map-making continued

The preschool children continued their exploration of maps in the past few weeks.

Pictured are individual and collaborative maps made of the local neighbourhood. As another step beyond line drawing, teachers offered vinyl sticker material and construction paper to add. This inspired the placement of buildings next to the already drawn roads. One child included a skytrain platform next to train tracks.

Do we have future city planners in our midst?

Next we are thinking about offering cardstock pieces to begin 3-D constructed representations of these places. A child’s sculpture of water pipes in an airplane may also lead to exploration about the plumbing and electrical systems in a city. Where else will this go, we wonder?

Ideas always welcome – feel free to comment.


2 responses to “Map-making continued

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  2. ZR has been talking a lot about maps recently. Now, when we go out, she will ask to see the “map” pretend or real and instruct me on how to get there.

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