Salt dough sculptures continued: Painting, telling stories

After the sculptures were dried, the children painted them and were asked to tell a story about their work. These stories were typed out and then read back to the children later to allow them to edit or change what they had said.

There was a wonderful range of stories imagined, and children were very interested in hearing about each other’s work. Soon these words will be presented, along with photos of the sculptures, in the form of a book in each daycare at our centre. What could encourage literacy more than children’s own stories being published and read back to them?

Here are two examples:

For the red dinosaur (and the other one being painted above):

“This one’s a dinosaur bone. It’s a brachiosaurus. They eat leaves. It’s bones because they died, because they lived millions of years ago.
It’s a dinosaur. This is the head. This is a spike-o-saurus. These two are the arms, this is the tail, and this is a spike.
The spike-o-saurus eats the brachiosaurus.
But the spike-o-saurus died with him, and that’s how people came and that’s houses came.”

For the lion and bamboo:

“It’s just a lion.
The bamboo is sticking up. The lion goes in the bamboo. It grows and grows and grows.
The teddy bears can climb up the bamboo so they can eat food. They eat trees and grass.”

In this project, as in every project, we are given major insight into the thought processes, knowledge, and interests of the children in our care. Every idea is a door that can be opened into further exploration, thoughts, and questions… Exciting, isn’t it?

Learning along the way: Steps to literacy, editing skills, painting, critical thinking, communication


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