Documentation process: Map-making, aquarium continued

Here are two examples of documentation panels being used to provoke thought about on-going projects.

The first project is a continuation of the map-making in the preschool. We took it into 3 dimensions using glue, tape, card, etc. Here are some of the children’s words spoken during the construction process:

(Using small toys to walk around the model) “Now she’s going to Granville Island with her puppy dog.”

“I’m going to cut so the goose can go on some stairs.”

(Putting on a roof) “When for people get their hair blown (by the wind)”

“I’m putting this so the wind could go nicely from the tape.”

“This is a water pipe.”

“I’m going to add houses.”

The documentation display has a chart for teachers and parents to add any questions that the children ask about cities. We hope to encourage wonder about how they are built, what parts they have, and what infrastructure is required.


The aquarium project was continued in the Robins room – asking the children what could be put into the aquarium (other than the boats that we made). Many ideas were drawn and discussed before being displayed on a large photo of the aquarium: octopuses, starfish, whales, rocks, fish, water snake, etc.

We will look into getting one of these animals for real! Probably not a whale, though.


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