Car Photography and Sculpture Book

Today children in the Finches daycare took turns using a digital camera to take pictures of the parts of a car. This research is one step in an on-going project to figure out how to make a large race-car (probably out of a cardboard box).

“You put gas in it and then the gas turns into smoke and then you need more gas”.

It was interesting to see how the young children used the camera. Instead of wide shots of the entire car like many adults would take, they were much more interested in close-ups of certain interesting features. This seemed to fit with the nature of the questions we were asking: “What parts are there?” “How could this have been made?” “What could this part be for?”

Learning along the way: Car parts and functions, camera skills, sharing and turn-taking, communication, observation skills, inquiry and critical thinking


Another exciting event today was the quiet release of our first mini-publication: Airplanes, Dinosaurs, and a Four-Necked Giraffe: Sculptures and Stories by the Children of Charleson Park Children’s Centre. A copy is being kept in each daycare and the preschool for the children to look at with teachers. So far the 22 participating children seem extremely proud to have their work represented on a page of the book. (Later versions may include more children as new sculptures are added). Stories range from hilarious to cute to profound.

Currently parents/families are invited to pre-order a copy if they would like one by signing up in the Centre by April 16 and paying $10 to cover printing costs on recycled paper. However, we may consider offering copies to non-families after some consideration of the best way to do this. Please e-mail if you are interested!


One response to “Car Photography and Sculpture Book

  1. Like all artists, the children help us see things in new ways. Next time I go to my car, I look at it differently!

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