Make scribbles meaningful; Construction photography

Scribbling is an important stage of every child’s expressive developmental process. Fine motor skills improve as they learn to move pens or crayons around to make marks on paper. There is also the raw tactile joy of early mark-making that adults can so easily forget – how awesome is it that we can make paper a different colour by rubbing things on it! Imagine life before the invention of ink or graphite or lead…

There are probably infinite ways to channel scribbling into meaningful and thoughtful activities without losing any of the fun. Here are two of them:

1. Scribbling on clear plastic on top of another picture, in this case a map, and then remove the plastic to see what marks were made. If you’ve been reading for a while you will know that this work was in the Preschool as another provocation in the map-making project. Children began following the markers along the lines of rivers and roads, and discussing things like clouds and houses. “Where do I live on here?”

2. Scribbling on paper that is taped over-top of various items to explore texture and shape. In this case, yarn, buttons, paperclips, etc. were taped underneath. The bumpiness of these objects make the scribbling process more complicated and interesting.


The last image today is a set of photos taken by the Preschool children of the construction that is going on upstairs! The kids learned how to use the zoom function of the digital camera and spent time watching the image change on the digital screen. Then we drew their attention to the construction through the window. Some of the children’s words while watching:

“I can see the man – the construction worker. Hey look! My dad used that (wrench).”

“It’s for fixing, maybe … fixing houses.”

“The ropes are for tying up there!” (Metal cables)

“I see wood. They’re gonna put them up there.”

“I see a drill in that constructor’s hand. They put the screws back.”

“Moço da construçao!”


Next week: More car project!


One response to “Make scribbles meaningful; Construction photography

  1. These are wonderful ways to think about and use scribbles!

    Looks like the kids can show you an interesting route to get to Mount Baker in case you ever wanted to go there.

    Thank you for this great blog.

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