Dinosaurs, Boats, Dinosaur boat?

It is hard to limit myself to 3 photos a week! These are from last week when Robins daycare set up painting on recycled materials on a tarp outside.

Something early childhood educators must consider are the healthy quantities of space and time that it takes for kids to absorb, process, and learn. Ideas or interests can circulate under the surface of play for months, with splashing moments of realization, reinterpretation, or production that seem like they come from nowhere. Quiet, free art-making outside provides a wonderful dose of space and time – and a breath of fresh air to boot!

We were excited to see a boat reemerge from these new materials. The Robins daycare kids, for those of you who don’t know, are also currently Major Dinosaur Enthusiasts. In the photo above the two interests are combined!

Gotta love the imaginative strangeness of a dinosaur boat. Why, how, when, and where is the dinosaur sailing?

The middle picture is of a creative display that one of the Robins teachers made to showcase the outdoor painting experiments. This is a clever way to deal with extra pieces of art, reminding children of the “process” rather than worrying about each individual “product”.


One response to “Dinosaurs, Boats, Dinosaur boat?

  1. I’m a big believer in giving kids loads of time and space to play / be creative as well. We have our art area set up and available all day so kids can visit and revisit and explore and experiment. And that is some boat 🙂

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