Mailbox construction

“I’m going to mail a letter!”

Kids in Finches have been referring to good old snail mail in their everyday play for quite some time. Teachers were quick to note this make-believe play as an activity that is rich in pre-literacy preparation, bringing excitement and wonder to the acts of reading and writing.

A few weeks ago, Finches children began studying a mail box that they found on a walk. Photos were taken of them examining it, and then printed.

Since then, a box has been prepared to become their very own Canada Post mailbox for use in the classroom.

Pictures above show the box being painted, as well as wooden letter-forms being used to spell out CANADA POST, using the logo in the photograph as a reference.

Although the final use of the mailbox in the classroom will be very educational (pretend letter writing, “mailing” letters to friends, etc.), the process of making it is just as important. Kids (and teachers!) are learning to plan, collaborate, think creatively, use visual reference materials, and be patient with the slow process of making something big.


2 responses to “Mailbox construction

  1. Do you guys sing together about your projects? Here’s a Woody Guthrie song for the mailbox:

    I’m gonna wrap myself in paper.
    I’m gonna dab myself with glue.
    Stick some stamps on top of my head.
    I’m gonna mail myself to you.

    … You probably know the rest? If not, see (with ‘ukulele)

  2. I’m always amazed at the literacy learning and development that happens with this type of play too. So valuable for preschoolers. And I love that you all made the letter box together. Our letter box bit the dust after a term of lots of loving, so this reminds me to make another with the kids.

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