The Story Lives: In Robins

This week we re-explored the children of the Robin’s story with them and presented them with a different set of materials  for them to experiment with.  What we gave them: different coloured pieces of fabric.  What they did with them: became deer’s and forest fires and coyote’s and more!

So off to the park we went, with a bag full of fabric for customs and props. When we got there they made a meadow and a stream for the deer to eat and drink at, and then the rascally forest fires chased the deers and the coyotes and pink horses all around the park! And the sun and the moon showed up- but never together of course, as one of our dear boys who was playing the moon pointed out to us, “When she (the sun) goes down, I (the moon) come up!”

Back in the classroom our  first group of deer wanted antlers so we found some  cardboard tubes and tried to make them. They first took some yarn from the fabric box and we all tried wrapping the yarn around the tubes to mimic fuzzy antlers- though this was very tricky and assistance was needed.  Next: One of our boys said, “Lets figure out how we can make them stay on our heads? Shall we do it with string?” So we tried that, but those antlers just kept slipping off, so we all had lunch, and then it came to me… PAPER MACHE! Yes, I know I should have let the children brainstorm more and solve their own problems, but I couldn’t help myself, so while they napped I got to work preparing the paste and cuttingthe paper. And they all had a gooey delight waiting for them when they awoke.

And so slowly all week we all worked on making hats to somehow attach the horns too. But when one of our visting experts, Miss Lee, began working with the children and the paper mache they started paper macheing  their antlers right on- how beuatiful! So we continued like this all week, working away, child by child, all covered in flour and water and glue- Such fun! As you might imagine most of the kids loved mucking around in the gloopy glop and adding more and more of it to their hats and their antlers and their own arms! Though there was always the rare child who couldn’t stand touching the slimy sticky stuff… To which are other friends were more than eager to help out! After many trips out to the sun waiting for our antlers to dry… they finally did to which we finally got to paint and glue stuff to, yAY!



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