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The New Atelier & The New Atelierista

Charleson Park ~ Atelier

The Charleson Park Atelier is reopening Monday July 12th for Summer Camp! This week the Atelier has  been undergoing exciting new renovations that include linking the preschool room with the Atelier. Throughout the summer we will continue to transform the Atelier as we dream up ideal uses of space for each and every corner.  A combination of natural and recycled materials will have a strong presence in the Atelier and we welcome all donations of recycled, natural and found materials. We imagine the potential creations of sculptures and mixed media projects to be amazing  as we kick off Summer Camp at outings into Charleson Park  collecting and observing the nature that surrounds us. We are eager to watch the children’s discoveries and interests that unfold as we present them with provocations each week focusing on different elements of nature and the arts and sciences.

Check back here for updates on the progress of the Atelier, as we prepare for our Grand Opening for the public on September 10th! And with our new Atelier comes our new Atelierista…

Melodie Acero ~ Atelierista

Melodie is currently finishing her BFA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and has recently just returned from Miami where she trained as an Atelierista at L’Atelier, a Reggio Children School, gleaning many hours of professional development and working closely with experienced Reggio teachers and mentors. Melodie thrives in Reggio Emilia Inspired environments and she is thrilled to join the Charleson Park Atelier and further her practice as an Atelierista.

Melodie has studied creative arts for the past 7 years, working and studying in Guadalajara, Toronto, Vancouver, and Miami.  During that time, she explored photography, fabric arts, mixed media, collage, sculpture, animation, video art, printing, drawing, and bookmaking.  Over the past several years, bookmaking and printmaking has become the primary focus of Melodie’s work through her creation of a series of interactive children’s books designed to engage children’s imaginations and elicit their participation. Drawing on her childhood as an inspiration, many of the characters in Melodie’s books are based on her own toys and dreams, and she utilizes her vivid memory to connect with children in fun and creative ways. As an artist, it is Melodie’s goal to share her joy of art with children and to invite them to collaborate with her and develop their own passion for the practice.