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Water Wall

In Finches daycare, an idea seeded and grew right into and over our week! Instead of continuing with the car project for now, teachers got excited about making a Water Wall with the children.

A Water Wall is a structure designed to direct water in various streams, drips, and flows when poured over-top. The children talked about waterfalls, containers, and funnels before embarking on this project. Each child was able to choose a container and pick the spot on the “Wall” (a donated scrap piece of linoleum) to attach it. Then they discussed what holes should be drilled or cut into the container to allow water to pass through it, and where the water would go next. (Lots of big hand motions, “Wooooooshhhh” noises, and excited grins.)

Children stood behind a fence at a safe distance to watch a teacher use a power drill to follow the children’s instructions about drilling holes and attaching the containers. Then, children from the Robins daycare were invited to help paint the wall according to a few instruction from the Finches children. A few different kids worked together on it with great cooperation.

We hope for a sunny day next week for our inaugural Water Wall exploration with a big tub of water, buckets, cups, raincoats, and rubber boots!


Birds Part II

Last week, we hung up the birds that the children had worked on outside CPCC.

Then, the preschoolers began work on a collaborative wall-hanging on canvas exploring the idea of “Bird Homes”. Having looked at a real nest earlier in the year, many of them painted versions of nests. Also depicted were worms, a flower garden, eggs, baby birds, twigs, and a tree.

Learning along the way: Cooperation, planning, visual representation, bird life cycle, colour-mixing.

To be continued…