Here comes the sun

It is almost summer! Sunshine is streaming in the windows of our east-facing classrooms in the mornings. Also, we recently got a hold of some old overhead projectors, for use in shadow play, projections of drawings and paintings, etc. All this is provoking explorations of light.

The Hummingbird Preschoolers have been using their sunlight to grow carrots, with drawing studies along the way to show the process. (Pics coming soon!) But in both Finches and Robins daycares, sunlight is being harnessed for artistic and imaginative purposes…

The photographs show various applications of coloured cellophane, cardboard, paint, clear cellophane, aluminum foil, permanent markers, and plastic wrap.

Light could be an entry point to many types of learning:

  • Artistic – colour, transparency, hue, contrast
  • Scientific – properties of colour, properties of shadows, colour mixing
  • Imaginative – projecting coloured light on ourselves and our surroundings can set a mood or spark an idea
  • Emotional – warmth, comfort, energy, love

It’s worth wondering what questions to ask children to get them thinking about and appreciating all this copious sunlight and the things that it can do.


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